MARPOL Waste Oil Disposal Covering United Kingdom

SG Oils MARPOL waste oil collection tanker, at the docks in Liverpool.
The Number 1 MARPOL Waste Disposal Company in the United Kingdom

S.G. Oils have been removing marine waste from the UK since 2004. Many shipping companies based at docks across the country rely on our marine waste collection expertise, which covers attending marine vessels of all sizes and ensuring your business complies with all MARPOL waste oil disposal regulations. S.G. Oils are ideally placed to service the entire United Kingdom.

Marine Waste Disposal Experts

Make sure your MARPOL waste is disposed of by a registered land-based facility, and keep your ships – docking in Great Britain – compliant with international convention, by choosing S.G. Oils. We can take care of:

  • Marine waste collection.
  • Pump removal of liquid wastes.
  • Bunker fuel removal and refilling.
  • Tank cleaning / cargo-tank decontamination.
  • MARPOL Waste Oil Disposal Covering The United Kingdom
  • And more.

Waste Oil Disposal

We operate a fully licenced MARPOL waste oil disposal facility. S.G. Oils maintains the highest standards of waste oil disposal, in accordance with the Environmental Protection Act (1990). Holding up-to-date WAMITAB certifications and PPC (Pollution Prevention and Control) permits. S.G. Oils also hold a full Waste Management Licence, issued by the Environmental Agency, and can supply copies of all documentation on request.

S.G. Oils are working today for tomorrow’s environment. So, you can rest assured your waste oil will be disposed of efficiently and in accordance with all regulations.

Waste Oil Collection Services

We collect all kinds of waste oil, from marine vessel waste to industrial, factory waste and waste oil from garages. As well as waste oil collection, we also offer general waste management services for all associated wastes. Such as:

  • Pump removal of hard-to-access liquid wastes as well as waste oil.
  • Dry, oil contaminated waste removal (eg: oily rags and filters).
  • Tank cleaning / cargo-tank decontamination.
  • Drummed industrial waste removal.
  • Garage wastewater and waste fuel collection.
  • Interceptor waste removal.
  • Vehicle batteries, aerosols and brake fluid etc.

To find out more about how we can tailor our waste oil collection services for your UK based business, contact us on the number below. S.G. Oils have waste removal capabilities from 1 – 20,000 tonnes.

For advice, on waste oil collection, call S.G. Oils 24/7 rapid response line on: 07789 023 921 or send an email to: [email protected]