Marine (MARPOL) Waste Management

SG Oils Marine waste collection trucks

S.G. Oils collect all types of MARPOL waste and specialise in marine waste disposal. We operate 24/7 with a rapid response to accommodate tight deadlines. Our expert staff, are trained to use a range of specialist equipment and vehicles which service all types of marine vessels and accommodate for hard-to-access liquid waste.

Hazardous waste containerAccording to the International Convention for the Prevention of Pollution from Ships, all types of MARPOL waste must be disposed of via a registered, land-based facility. Here at S.G. Oils, we have a fully licenced waste processing site in Lancashire which holds all the relevant permits and certifications.

SG Oils MARPOL Collection Tanker at the Docks


  • Marine waste collection.
  • Pump removal of hard-to-access liquid wastes.
  • Bunker fuel removal and refilling.
  • Bunker transfer equipment.
  • Tank cleaning / cargo-tank decontamination.
  • Dry, oil contaminated waste removal (eg: oily rags and filters).
  • Waste removal capabilities from 1 – 20,000 tonnes.
  • Nationwide waste removal.

For advice, or to book a marine waste collection, call S.G. Oils 24/7 rapid response line on: 07789 023 921 or send an email to [email protected]

S.G. Oils van at the Docks